Mountain Valley Therapy holds itself to a high standard, and our hard work has definitely paid off. In recent years, physical therapy clinics across the country have begun to get “graded” or ranked through participating in EMR databases based on their performance with patients. This score is determined by; pain of patients (initial to final visit Satisfaction of patients), calculated functional improvement (based on outcome measurements/tests), and success rate of goals being met.

Why is this ranking important? Well, moving forward through 2019 and 2020, physical therapy will start using MIPS, or Merit-based Incentivized Payment System, throughout the U.S. And our performance is public, which means you all can see how our ranking reflects our performance. We were in the top 20% of the nation for patient pain improvement, satisfaction, goals met, and functional improvement. In 2018, we earned ourselves an A- grade which ranks us 207th out of 2959!

And what’s more, we are continuing to move up in the rankings; which means we keep pushing for improving our care for you.