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We are currently hiring a full time Physical Therapist.

Job Description: Being an outpatient clinic in a rural area let’s just say the phrase “jack of all trades” will apply. We do encourage you to have a passion and even specialize in whatever you enjoy the most, but there will be times that you see geriatrics, athletes, balance issues, total knees, total hips, neuro and everything in between. If you really want to sharpen your skills in a large sense, or you enjoy the variety that an out patient clinic can offer then we have a job for you.

One patient one hour. That’s out moto here and everyone loves it. You see one patient per hour. No tricks, no gimmicks, that’s the deal. If you work an 8 hour shift the most patients you can see is 8 patients. If you want to give excellent patient specific patient care then we are the place for you. You might be wondering how we use PTAs in that model. When a PT establishes a POC it includes a PTA you want the patient to work with, the patient will see the PT for several visits then the PTA for several visits, back to the PT for follow up, back to the PTA, and finally closure of the case with the PT.

The job is what you would expect, treating patients and documenting treatments in an outpatient setting. We use WebPT, and supply all our clinical staff with Laptops for documenting with patients through the treatment. We employ 4 receptionists that handle checking patients in and out, as well as scheduling patients. We employ 3 billing specialists that handle entering and tracking all charges, staying current on insurance compliance, and all patient pre authorizations. All you have to do is document what you did with the patient, and our staff handles the majority of everything else.

 We are new grad friendly; we have many Physical Therapists with different skill levels. This creates a great environment for learning and growth. In addition to all the continuing education we offer we also try and organize monthly group meeting nights for clinical staff to meet and share skills. Newer grads upon hire are setup weekly time with one of our seasoned Physical Therapists for the first couple months to make sure skills are growing and patients are progressing.

If you are a Physical Therapist interested in in this position please contact Royce Woosley in Human Resources by phone at 541-962-0830 or by email at rwoosley@mountainvalleytherapy.biz for information on potential opportunities.


Students & Volunteers

At Mountain Valley Therapy we value learning. That is why we are always excited to take on students and volunteers.

If you are a Physical Therapist (P.T.) Student or a Physical Therapist Assistant (P.T.A) Student looking for your outpatient clinic hours, please contact Royce Woosley by phone or email at 541-960-0830, rwoosley@mountainvalleytherapy.biz. We currently have both PT and PTA APTA certified Clinical Instructors (C.I.) on staff. James Gorham, PT, CEO and owner, is our Clinical instructor for PT students. With over 20 years of experience, James focuses on orthopedic treatments. Tracey Gorham, PTA is our Clinical Instructor for PTA students and also has over 20 years of experience. We enjoy helping student get their hours required for graduation and have even hired some of those students after they complete their degrees and licensing.

If you are not sure if you want to be a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant, you are welcome to volunteer at our clinic to see if this profession is right for you. As a volunteer you can observe both Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Athletic Trainers, and Gym Aides to get a full, well rounded view of what life is like in an Outpatient Clinic setting. If you are interested in volunteering or observing please contact Angela Cain by phone or email at 541-962-0830, acain@mountainvalleytherapy.biz.

All Students, Volunteers, or Observers must go through a small orientation process which involves signing a confidentiality agreement as well as agreeing to our clinic’s policies and procedures.

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