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How can I get the most out of my physical therapy experience?

There are several ways to improve your experience with physical therapy, but it all begins prior to your initial evaluation.

First, we encourage you to make a list of any questions you may have to ensure the time with your therapist is used most efficiently.

Second, write down any symptoms you may be experiencing, and for how long. Start with the most bothersome: is it better or worse with certain activities or movements? Is it more noticeable in the morning? Late in the evening? Is it aggravated by rest or lying down?

Third, ensure you have key information about your medical history. If you feel you may need assistance or would like a family member to accompany you (take notes, remember details, etc.), please do.

Fourth, show up early! We want to ensure you get as much face-time with your therapist as possible which begins at the top of the hour.

Lastly, ensure you are dressed properly for your appointment. Try to stay away from tight-fitting or formal clothing. You should be able to move easily and have closed-toe shoes.

Our goal is to ensure you get back to the full joy of living. Let us work with you to provide the best therapy experience we possibly can.

How should I dress?

Please come to your therapy session dressed in non-binding clothing and comfortable shoes.

Is a swimsuit required if using the pool?

Not necessarily. Clothing is required, but you can choose to wear either a swimsuit OR nylon/cotton shorts (no denim) and a t-shirt.

What does a treatment session entail?

The initial Physical Therapy visit typically takes about one hour and involves a comprehensive evaluation. Treatment may include Manual Therapy, muscle retraining, exercise programs, balance training, gait training, adjustments of canes or walkers, and modalities.

Exercise programs vary, depending on the needs and abilities of the patient. Programs may include range of motion, strengthening, muscle re-education, and aquatic or sport-specific exercises. We also educate our patients on proper posture, body mechanics, and ergonomics (work station adjustments).

Which Insurance companies cover Physical & Occupational Services?

Most companies do offer a benefit for Therapy. The benefit allowance may vary according to the type of policy plan. Contact your insurance company for complete details. We accept MOST insurance companies and are currently contracted with Blue Cross, Medicare, ODS, Pacific Source, Providence, Providence Preferred, and SAIF.

IF you don’t see your insurance company listed here please call and ask to talk to our billing department. In most cases they know right away if your insurance is covered and if you are not covered they might be able to talk to you about options and resources to make sure you get the care you need.

What does Physical Therapy cost?

Mountain Valley Therapy seeks to provide quality care to all patients. Treatments can still be obtained without insurance. Please call the billing department for all payment options.

Do you offer payment plans if I'm not able to pay up front?

Absolutely. Our billing staff is here to assist you with your financial needs. We will customize a payment plan specifically to your payment abilities.

Can I start physical therapy at Mountain Valley if I'm already going elsewhere for a separate injury?

Yes. Due to insurance requirements, treatment at two facilities on the same day is not permitted. However, you can receive treatment at two facilities as long as services are provided on separate days.

You will also want to be aware of your benefit limit on your insurance. Double the treatment typically means double the cost and you will reach your insurance visit limit much faster. If you’re unsure how to proceed, call us to explore your options for being treated for both injuries. We will do everything in our power to help you restore function and obtain your goals.

Do I need a referral to receive therapy services?

In order to have an insurance company cover your physical therapy treatments, most will require a physician’s referral. To be sure, we recommend contacting your insurance company directly.

What is Direct Access?

Physical Therapists who are licensed in Oregon can legally treat patients without a Physician’s referral. This is called Direct Access. Mountain Valley Therapy offers direct access physical therapy treatment. This can reduce the time it takes you to be seen by a Physical Therapist so you can feel better, sooner.  In addition, we can keep your primary care physician up-to-date on your treatment, even if he or she did not refer you to therapy. Some insurance, such as Blue Cross, will pay for direct access physical therapy treatments. Our billing department will be happy to check to see if your insurance carrier covers direct access.

How soon can I get in for an evaluation?

Our schedule varies; usually we can get you in within a day or two. If you have a specific schedule to work around or have a specific therapist you are requesting, your wait times could vary. Call in to inquire about openings.

I work - will you be able to work around my schedule? What are your hours?

Absolutely. We see patients beginning at 7:00am and out last appointments of the day are at 5:30. We also do not close during lunch, which makes getting in for appointments during your breaks an option as well.

How often will I come? How long are appointments?

Appointments are typically one hour in duration. Frequency depends on you and your therapist and what they recommended for you to regain your function as quickly as possible. The average treatment period is two times a week for 4 weeks, but your treatment plan may vary.

What is Manual Therapy?

This is a term for specialized Manual (hands-on) treatment techniques which aim to address the primary cause of dysfunction and pain. Manual Therapy can address problems with joint alignment, muscle tightness, nervous tissue restrictions, and fascial (connective tissue) tightness.

Treatment can be extremely gentle or more aggressive, depending on the patient and his/her needs. All of our Physical Therapists are skilled in Manual Therapy. Brochures detailing each technique utilized by our therapists are available at the reception office or at our services link.

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