Juliann comes to us from Colorado where she has been an occupational therapist for over 30 years. Her skills in occupational therapy are very diverse ranging from Myofascial Release, neurological conditions, upper body rehabilitation, ergonomic assessments, and arthritis management. Recently Juliann helped develop a program at her former hospital to provide pain relief to patients undergoing radiation treatments. Her skills in treating radiation patients can also help increase mobility, reduce swelling, and symptoms of brain fog. She is bringing all these awesome skills to La Grande Oregon to provide people in our area with more occupational therapy options. What twist of fate brought Juliann to La Grande? Perhaps it was her desire to move to a small town, perhaps it was the job ad talking about Bigfoot, we might never know for sure, but she seems very excited to join the Mountain Valley team. Juliann loves the outdoors and is eager to take her two horses out to explore.