DartFish Motion Analysis

Prevent injury and improve sports performance with our video analysis service. Packages start at just $15.

What does Dartfish have to offer?

  • Instant replay
  • Frame-by-frame viewing
  • Video Cropping
  • Slow-motion viewing
  • Zoom features for entire frame
  • Zoom features for a portion of the frame
  • Simultaneous views
  • Movement tracking
  • Drawing tools
  • Angle tracking


Basic Package

  • Video of activity with up to two camera views
  • CD of event for home use

Advanced Package

Basic Package PLUS:

  • Analysis notes as needed, enlargements, angle tracking, date graphs, StroMotion, SimulCam, and drawings as needed
  • Offsite filming may have travel charges added onto price


4-9 People
(Rates are defined per person)

(Rates are defined per person)

(Rates are defined per person)

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